In 2018, a private donor contributed a substantial donation to the Derry Area School District Foundation to be utilized as seed money for a large project.  As a result, several like-minded Derry Area School District and community leaders began brainstorming and formed a group called The Trojan’s Spear which operates as a subgroup of the Derry Area School District Foundation (DASDF).  With the slogan POREIA PROS TA EMPROS*, the group decided to focus its efforts to support the Four A’s of the Derry Area School District: Academics, Arts, Agriculture, and Athletics. To do so, the following programs have been created to build comradery, increase pride, and generate financial support for numerous upcoming projects:

Alumni Association

All Derry Area School District alumni are invited to register at to become part of the Trojan Alumni community.  Upon registering, you will receive quarterly electronic newsletters about the current events of Derry Area School District.  Additionally, we will also feature successful alumni, recognize our donors, and share information about how you can continue supporting the school district.

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Annual Giving

Public education is a fast-paced and continuously evolving setting that requires substantial financial support to provide a first-class educational experience for our students. The Derry Area School District Board of School Directors has done an outstanding job funding the education of our learners.  However, it is our objective to further support building a first-class educational experience that sets DASD apart from other school districts.  In other words, we want the school district to be on the cutting edge of education and to have the ability to pivot quickly as educational trends and technology becomes available.  Our Annual Giving program will help us form a solid foundation of donors to support our mission.

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Hall of Fame

The Trojan’s Spear is founded on the ideas and support of Derry Area Alumni.  There is no better way to honor the great alumni of DASD than by enshrining them in a distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame.  During the Fall of 2021, the Hall of Fame committee will select and honor the first Hall of Fame class of the Derry Area School District.  

In the Fall of 2023, the inaugural class was inducted into the Derry Area School District Hall of Fame.

The purpose of the distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame is to recognize graduates of Derry Area, who have made a valuable contribution to society in his/her personal or professional life.  These individuals have brought distinction, honor and excellence to the Derry Area through various achievements and accomplishments.  The Hall of Fame will include honored categories such as Athletics, Academics, Fine Arts, Humanitarian, and Lifetime Achievement.  

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The Trojan’s Spear will also be engaging in numerous fundraising campaigns.  

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