Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The Trojan’s Spear is founded on the ideas and support of Derry Area Alumni. There is no better way to honor the great alumni of DASD than by enshrining them in a distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. During the Fall of 2021, the Hall of Fame committee will select and honor the first Hall of Fame class of the Derry Area School District. The purpose of the distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame is to recognize graduates of Derry Area, who have made a valuable contribution to society in his/her personal or professional life. These individuals have brought distinction, honor and excellence to the Derry Area through various achievements and accomplishments.

The Hall of Fame will include honored categories such as

Athletic Teams

Athletic Individuals (Players and Coaches)


Business and Entrepreneurship

Fine Arts


Lifetime Achievement.

Class of 2020

To Be Announced Fall 2020