Alumni Association

Alumni Association

The heart and soul of Derry Area School District lies with it's alumni. In recent years it has become obvious that Derry Area Alumni are eager to and seeking opportunities to give back and be a part of their alma mater. In 2020, the Derry Area School District Foundation determined that it was time to engage these individuals by starting an alumni association. The purpose of the association is to build comradery, increase pride, share the great news about Derry Area School District students and alumni, and generate revenue to enhance the student experience.

Alumni Directory

To become a part of the The Trojan's Spear Alumni Association, register here: Alumni Association Registration.

Benefits of Registering

Quarterly Newsletters

The Trojan's Spear will be distributing quarterly newsletters to keep you up to date with the following information:

  • Featured Alumni

  • Recognition of Annual Fund Donors

  • Academic Accomplishments

  • Athletic Accomplishments

  • and Much More!

Special Events

There are numerous special alumni events being planned for the future. Our first event will be held on October 16th, 6:00 p.m. If you are interested in attending, click this link for more information!


The greatest impact you can make on the education and experience of our young learners is to assist financially so that Derry Area School District can provide a first-class education for it's students. The Trojan's Spear will be periodically soliciting your support of special projects

Comradery, Togetherness, and Pride

The Derry Area School District possesses a tremendous amount of pride and comradery amongst alumni and current students. Join us as we continue to build about that and move the school district and it's student body forward!